Pikes Peak Highlanders

Pipes and Drums

Andra Stoller, Pipe Major
Jody Manford, Drum Major
Michael Bourda, Drum Sergeant
Alec Watson, President

Join the Highlanders

Thank you for considering joining the Pikes Peak Highlanders. We are one of Colorado's oldest pipe bands. Formed in 1985, we have a colorful history filled with many accomplishments and accolades. We are one of the few bands in Colorado that still outfits themselves in the traditional Highland Regimental attire and we are the only band in Colorado that fields a color guard. We hope you will consider becoming a part of the Celtic community and support the traditions of the Great Highland Bagpipe and drums.

Already play bagpipes or drums? Pipe and drum students are encouraged to attend our Kilting Practice, where you can learn our basic band tunes with other students preparing to join the Pikes Peak Highlanders. This practice is free of charge. Contact us for meeting times and location.

Individual lessons
Instruction is available for those wanting to learn our music. Lessons are available in the following disciplines:

  • Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB)
  • Drums (bass, snare, or tenor)
  • Color guard

Note: Instruction is offered to individuals that intend to commit to joining and playing with the band when proficient on their instrument. We cannot train members for other bands or to become a soloist. Instruction is provided by members of the band for a fee.

We are a paramilitary pipe band and our appearance reflects the Scottish Highland regiments. Each uniform costs approximately $1,800. We provide the initial issue to you at no cost once you have successfully mastered the set of tunes for kilting. You will be required to purchase some items (shirt, hat, Inverness cape, etc.) that are not reissued.

Members sign for their equipment and are responsible for its upkeep, maintenance and cleaning. Full replacement costs will be charged if any item is lost or damaged due to negligence.

Free or discounted tickets for Highland games and events
Whenever possible, the band negotiates free or discounted rates for band members as part of our performance fees. This includes family members at most games and events (note: not all events provide the option to obtain free or discounted tickets).

Discounted food at games
The band provides food and drink for members and their families at most games for a fee of $5 per person, per day of the event. Children are free.

Band member requirements

  • Annual dues: $60 per person or $90 per family, paid annually or in semi-annual installments (January and June).
  • 50% attendance at all practices (attendance is taken each Thursday evening).
  • Participation at 50% of events (events other than military memorials are posted on the band calendar).
  • Practice on your own time—not band time (band night is rehearsal night), and become proficient with your instrument.
  • Properly wear the uniform of the day at all events.
  • Purchase personal uniform items.
  • Pipers: purchase a practice chanter and band music book and eventually bagpipes.
  • Drummers: purchase drum sticks and/or mallets.

Color Guard
As you are learning your instrument and the tunes required for kilting, we encourage you to join the Color Guard so you can learn to march the Highland way. This gives you an opportunity to participate in and enjoy being a member of the Band at various functions.

Still interested? Contact us.